Summer is about to be upon us. For a lot of us, that means time to start on some house projects that have been put off all year long. Life gets pretty busy in all of the other months of the year, so when summer comes around it’s finally time to get a jump on those projects that you’ve had on your mind for months now. The one drawback is that summertime is notoriously hot in Miami. Staying cool in the Florida heat is crucial to staying on top of the task at hand.

    Here at Gator Junk Removal, we often find ourselves working out in the heat for hours on end, especially in the summertime. We’d like to share with you, some pro tips on how we beat the summer heat and get the job done. 

    First, one of the most obvious and important ones, staying hydrated. On a regular basis, you should be drinking 2-3 liters of water a day. If you’re outside working in the hot sun for hours on end, know that you’ll need that much if not more than that to stay hydrated. Try keeping a cooler with several bottles of water or sports drinks outside with you so that you can grab a quick drink every 20 minutes or so. 

    Not everyone out there is a morning person but considering how hot the days can get in Miami in the summer you might be easily convinced to get an earlier start than you usually might. Mornings in Miami are considerably cooler than the midday to midafternoon time. 

    Aside from drinking ice cold water or a sports drink of some sort, eating cold foods can also help you beat the heat while working on your home this summer. Freeze pops aren’t just for kids. Adults can still enjoy these cold treats during the summertime and reap the benefits. Freeze pops will help you cool down and rehydrate between bottles of water. You can also eat other cool treats, such as watermelon or frozen grapes. Grab a watermelon from the store the day before you intend to start on some summertime housework and after it’s all cut up you can chill it in the fridge overnight, so it’ll be perfectly chilled the next day. 

    If you’ll be spending a significant amount of time in the house while doing your summer renovations, keeping your curtains closed throughout the day will help you keep the inside of the house significantly cooler than it would be otherwise. You may still want to turn on the A/C while you work, but your unit won’t have to work so hard if the curtains stay closed throughout the day. 

    If you don’t already own a canopy tent, it would be well worth the investment if you have a lot of projects on your to-do list for this summer. These easy to assemble canopies are great at providing some much-needed relief from the sun’s heat. This is where you can set up that previously mentioned cooler full of drinks, freeze pops, and fruit.

    Miami Heat in the summer is nothing to joke about. Doing work on or in your home in the summer doesn’t have to be slowed down or deterred by the extreme heat. Keeping your hydration levels up and having a convenient shade area set up are just two excellent ways to beat the heat and not let it slow down the progress on your house this summer.  

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