Garage Cleaning Service

Did your car get pushed out? Let it back in with a garage cleanse.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Garage Cleaning Service

It’s too easy to allow your garage to become a home for everything except for your vehicle. Whether it’s all of your holiday décor, old toys that your kids just aren’t ready to let go of yet, or just various items that you acquired long ago and you don’t want to risk trashing them “in case you might need them later on.”

Let us come in and help you turn your garage back into a place for your car. Don’t think that you’re alone in this. It’s human nature to want to hold onto valuable or even invaluable items and store them someplace that is outside of the main portion of the house.


How Our Garage Cleaning Service Works


After you call us to make an appointment, we will show up at the agreed-upon time to take a look at the garage in question. During the appointment we will talk about the items that you want to have removed, and what you might want to be done with them.

The items that we remove include, but are not limited to refrigerators, kitchen appliances, sporting equipment, couches, mattresses, and much more. We will then agree on the date and time that you would like us to begin the cleanout process.


You’ll be Left with a Nice, Clean Garage Space


Garages aren’t notoriously huge areas, but it will definitely feel huge after a cleanout. Your car will regain its proper place on your property. Once you see all of the room that you now have available, you can store your car as well as other items that you’ve decided to hold onto after the cleanout is through. Now that you can see the space that you have to work with, you can store your items in a more organized fashion.


 Unwanted Items Will Be Taken Care Of


You know you want to get rid of a lot of items, but don’t know what to do with them. We will take care of that for you as well. Just tell us which items you might be interested in donating, recycling, or sending to the dump. We will bring each item to their respective new home for you, as a part of our cleanout service.

If you’re ready to give your garage back to your car, our professional garage cleaning service is just what you need. We will remove all unwanted items as well as relocate them to either be recycled, donated or dropped off at the local dump.

Items we remove during a garage cleanout




Water Heater


Kitchen Appliances


Sporting Equipment








Dining Table and Chairs


Mattress Removal

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