Product Disposal

We’ll dispose of faulty products according to city and county guidelines.

Product Disposal and Destruction Service

Growing businesses all face a point in time where one of their products gets recalled or becomes outdated. Taking action to take care of these unsaleable products is extremely important for the well-being of your business. “Take care of” referring to having these products destroyed the right way.

For the benefit of your business’s image as well as the safety of your customers, utilizing a company who specializes in product disposal and destruction services is in your best interest. Our professionals are ready and waiting to work with you on all of your product disposal and destruction needs.

We take on a wide variety of products, from toys and sporting goods to assorted electronics to just name a few. Our specially trained product disposal staff will be sure to properly dispose of or destroy your recalled or overstocked items while also assisting you in having all of your legal paperwork in order.


How Product Disposal and Destruction Services Work


After discussing your particular product destruction needs, we will gather all of the paperwork necessary to make this process easy and legal for both parties. We understand that often manufactures need these legal documents, among other things, to provide you with a refund for all of the items that have been destroyed.

As the paperwork certifies, we will be taking care of your recalled and defective products in an environmentally friendly manner and in accordance with city and county guidelines.


Why Product Destruction is Important for Your Business


Getting rid of outdated or defective products is important for your business for many reasons. Some of the most important reasons fall in the realm of safety. Additionally, using a product destruction service is crucial to the namesake as well as the proprietary information about your product.


To Protect Your Business


Recalls can bring the wrong kind of attention to your business, if not taken care of promptly and correctly. We provide a recalled product destruction service that will help you get rid of your recalled products in a timely and cost-effective manner.



Recalls and defective products continuing to sit on the market for sale will most definitely bring a bad rap to your brand’s namesake. We want to help you do just the opposite with our professional product destruction service. Not only will we destroy your recalled products in an environmentally safe manner, but we will also provide you will all necessary legal paperwork that proves that the job was done.

Destroying electronics, such as company laptops and thumb drives also fall within our “scope of practice” if you will. If electronic items such as these aren’t destroyed properly, vital company data such as new product blueprints may land in the wrong hands.


To Protect Your Customers


Defective products can have the same negative effect on your brand’s image if they are not taken off of the market and destroyed as soon as possible. Not to mention the safety hazard a defective product poses on your customers.

Not only would it be a liability to your company to continue to have defective products on the market, but also something that would sit heavily on your conscience. We know that you care about the happiness and safety of your customers. We want to help you protect them from any potential safety hazards.

The well-being of your business, as well as the safety of your trusting customers,  are at stake when recalled and overstocked items remain on the market and available to purchase longer than they probably should. We want to help protect your brand and loyal customers. With our professional and environmentally friendly product destruction service, we can do just that.

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